Mobile Education Training Teams 


  • SOTG Operations Planning Course
  • Tactical Combat Casualty Care


All courses executed with ISTC METTs can be tailored made in order to meet each Unit’s needs in training and time. Request for METTs are initially send to ISTC XO who coordinates the requirements (see POC addresses and phone numbers on the ISTC General Info link above then click on the General Information link then look in the Miscellaneous section at the bottom of the page).

Request for METT

    • Requesting Nation
    • Dates
    • Course to be Taught
    • Desired Course Syllabus
    • Unit to be Trained
    • Location fo the Unit
    • Number of Students to be Trained
    • Point of Contact
    • Remarks

This list should be forwarded to the ISTC XO / Training Major who will act according to the MOU to co-ordinate and satisfy the request, or you can fill in and send this METT Request Form.

You can download the form, fill in the information then E-Mail it to: or fax it to +49 (0) 7552-4052108