ISTC is delighted to announce the upcoming “Pilot” SOF Surveillance and Collection (S&C) Course within its 2019 portfolio.

This new Education & Training project aims to support the Alliance in regards to the NATO Special Operations Principle Task of Special Reconnaissance by complementing/supporting ISTC member nations’ and possibly other NATO nations’ requirements.

The three-week “Pilot” S&C program of instruction will provide SOF and Special Reconnaissance Units’ operators with lecture-based instruction and practical application on the planning and execution of S&C operations in rural and urban environments. Among other objectives, the course will focus on tactics, techniques, and procedures (TTPs), employment of common tools of the trade, and building interoperability by realizing a common standard for the lexicon and reporting. The course will culminate with a complex exercise that will force students to work in teams and put into practice all of the lessons learned and practiced throughout the course.

ISTC continues to support national training requirements for SOF and similar units’ from the individual level up to the Special Operations Task Unit (SOTU)/Special Operations Task Group (SOTG) level.

Stay tuned for future announcements regarding the implementation of the “Pilot” S&C Course and other ISTC initiatives.