To the Ministry of Defence of Romania:
As the Chairman of the supervisory Member Nation “Working Group” of the International Special Training Centre (ISTC) located within Staufer Kaserne in Pfullendorf, Germany, I am pleased to welcome Romania into the ISTC as its newest Member Nation.
Effective 15 May 2017, all current Member Nations of the ISTC (BEL, DEU, GRC, ITA, NLD, NOR, TUR, USA) have signed their respective Notes of Joining approving Romania’s accession into the ISTC’s Memorandum of Understanding originally signed in 2001.
This is a momentous occasion as it signifies a new level of cooperation between our Member Nations focused on increasing the capability, capacity and interoperability of our respective Special Operations Forces and similar units aimed at meeting both National and NATO Training Requirements in the spirit of NATO’s “Smart Defence” where our nations share the burden of delivering world class Special Operations education and training.
As a Member Nation, the ISTC encourages Romania to deploy their first ISTC Cadre for work at the ISTC as an Instructor and as Romania’s Senior National Officer (SNO) as soon as possible.
Also, the ISTC welcomes the identification of Romania’s Senior National Representative (SNR) as a full voting member of the ISTC’s Working Group. The SNRs are traditionally drawn from the respective Member Nations Special Operations Command, Joint or Army Staffs to sit at bi-annual ISTC Working Group Meetings (taking place traditionally in May and November each year.)
Additionally, the ISTC encourages Romania to identify a Financial Support Group (FSG) Representative who will also participate in the bi-annual Working Group Meetings collaborating with the other Member Nation FSG Representatives to enable the approval of the budget of the ISTC and facilitate the payments to the ISTC Budget Officer in accordance with the ISTC’s MOU and Financial Procedures.
ISTC Working Group