ISTC is delighted to announce the hosting of the NATO Special Operations Medic Recertification Course from 20 to 31 May 2019 as a contribution to the NATO Global Programming, and in compliance with the requirements outlined by the NSHQ Directive 75-001, SOF Medical Standards and Training Directive.

The NATO Special Operations School (NSOS) two-week-course aims to update already qualified Combat Medics (from ISTC NSOCM Course, Nordic NSOCM, CAN NSOCM and USSOCM/18D) with the most recent tactics, techniques, and procedures (TTPs) and the most recent combat medical technologies and equipment.

ISTC, in its role as the SOF tactical hub for the Alliance and Partnership, will facilitate the specific growth of capacity by hosting in Pfullendorf (GER) this extra iteration of the Recertification Course, and by supporting the NSHQ school house with expertise, facilities and medical equipment.

More details are available at page 47 of the document displayed at the following links: