On February 14th 2017, the ISTC received an Unconditional Accreditation by the Supreme Allied Commander Transformation. ISTC’s core processes were reviewed and identified as elements that are aligned with NATO Quality Standards. The ISTC has earned an Unconditional Accreditation, in part because of the commitment to continuous improvement.

The ISTC was found to have:

a. Sound internal procedures for the assurance of quality;

b. Procedures applied effectively at each level to ensure the quality of education and training;

c. Effective and regular processes of reviewing the curriculum and implementing required changes and enhancements;

d. Accurate, complete and reliable information about its curriculum.

Through accepting this Unconditional Accreditation, ISTC takes responsibility to continue to strive for improvements of internal quality assurance by implementing the ACT’s recommendations, as well as by maintaining and further developing the identified best practices.

ISTC – NATO Institutional Acc – Feb 17