Desert Sniper Course 


This two week sniper course is designed for trained SNIPER TEAMS. The course teaches SOF or similar COMBAT ARMS type unit, the skills necessary to deliver precision fire from concealment in a desert environment.


  • Engage targets with precision fire in a desert environment under combat conditions during hours of limited visibility
  • Engaging targets in challenging environmental conditions
  • Desert tactical movement
  • Stalking in desert terrain
  • Planning sniper missions in desert terrain


Course duration is 14 days*.


The course takes place in Alicante, Spain. The first week consists of desert marksmanship training and practicing the various field craft needed in a desert environment. The second week consists of desert scenarios, mission planning and missions at various training facilities.


Students must be Trained Snipers who have graduated from a National or International Sniper Course prior to attending this course. Students must arrive in sound medical condition, with a high level of physical fitness. Students are also expected to be experienced in Land Navigation using a compass and 1:50,000 scale map. Students must score 60% or higher on the Defense Language Institute English Language Center (DLIELC) English Comprehension Level (ECL) Test. Prospective students are encouraged to visit the following websites for additional information.


Students are highly encouraged to bring their own complete Sniper Weapon System (SWS) and sniper equipment. If necessary, ISTC will provide students with a Sniper Weapon System, 7.62 x 67mm (.300 WinMag) and ammunition.

ISTC will provide (.300 WinMag), and (.308 Winchester) and the blank ammunition for .300 WinMag and .308 rifles. No other categories or types of ammunition are available at ISTC for this course. Snipers and sniper teams who bring their own weapons and ammunition should ensure they bring the following quantities for each sniper:

  • A minimum of 600 rounds of match grade ammunition for the marksmanship training
  • 200 rounds of blank ammunition for stalks and scenarios
  • 300 rounds ball ammunition for all non sniper weapons for each shooter (applies to non snipers who come as part of a sniper team)
  • 200 rounds blank ammunition for all non sniper weapons for each shooter (applies to non snipers who come as part of a sniper team)
  • RESTRICTIONS: Students may bring any type of sniper weapon system which is employed by their unit with the following restrictions: the largest caliber sniper rifle that is permitted in the course is .50 (12,7mm). Anything larger than .50 (12.7mm) will not be permitted. Students are permitted to bring either bolt action or gas operated sniper weapons.
  • Students are authorized to bring multiple Sniper Weapon Systems in order to gain the maximum training value available from the diverse training environments. Students bringing multiple Sniper Weapon Systems should ensure they have adequate ammunition (live and blank), repair parts and accessories (to include a blank adaptor if required) for their Sniper Weapon System’s during the course. No repair parts, accessories, or ammunition (other than previously specified) are available on site.
  • AMMUNITION: ISTC will provide .300 WinMag (AC-51 German Army Issue), .300 WinMag blank ammunition and 7.62×51 mm (.308). Any student who brings a weapon which requires ammunition other than the types listed above must bring it with them*.


Students should bring organic communication equipment to incorporate it into their full mission scenarios. ISTC has limited FM radios for use by students. There will be several full mission scenarios throughout the course. These missions may be tailored to accommodate sniper teams who would like to incorporate cameras and communications if desired and feasible. Students exercising this option must ensure that they are fully prepared and equipped to do so.


Students will be given performance feedback throughout the course on stalks, missions, and marksmanship events. Students who pass the entry tests and complete all course events will be awarded a course diploma.


All travel will be conducted in civilian clothing. Training will be conducted in ghillie suits and full sniper kit.


If you have any questions, please E-mail us:

*Further details can be found in the Joining Instructions available at the sending Unit or the respective Ministry of Defense (MoD).