Combat MarksManShip (CMMS) Course 


Two week intensive shooting course designed to improve students ability to accurately engage targets under stress and at various distances with the M4 carbine and Glock 17 pistol.


  • Reflexive shooting techniques using M4 carbine and Glock 17 pistol
  • Weapon Transition (M4 and Glock 17)
  • Multiple target prioritization & engagement
  • Establish proficiency with primary & secondary weapon systems within their combat effective ranges
  • Improve the student’s weapon handling, self-confidence under stressful conditions; including stress fire, barrier shooting and while moving
  • Improve the student’s proficiency during limited visibility engagements using NVD’s & infrared illuminating aiming devices


Course duration is 2 weeks*.


Reflexive, dynamic shooting and progressive marksmanship using rifle and pistol.


Students must be able to demonstrate safe weapons handling procedures with both the M4 Carbine and the Glock 9mm pistol. Students must arrive in sound medical condition and with the completed / signed Medical Clearance form, Part 1 (download pdf). Students must score 60% or higher on the Defense Language Institute English Language Center (DLIELC) English Comprehension Level (ECL) Test. Prospective students are encouraged to visit the following websites for additional information:


ISTC has some items available to assist students when necessary, such as:

    • Ballistic helmet
    • Magazines, 5 x M4 and Glock
    • Weapon cleaning kit
    • Pistol holster for Glock
    • Level IV Body Armor with ballistic plates and soft kevlar sheeting (with 9 mm and 5,56 mm pouches)
    • Tactical flashlight for rifle
    • NVGs
    • Shooting glasses
    • Hearing protection


Students should be familiar with the following terms prior to arrival at the ISTC CQB Course:

If you have any questions, please E-mail us:

*Further details can be found in the Joining Instructions available at the sending Unit or the respective Ministry of Defense (MoD).